2018 Graphic Design Trends

I researched more about my pathway graphic design and to develop my ideas.

There are a diversity of graphic design techniques in this article.


1. The “Glitch Effect”,

which means that the TV or computer monitor is corrupted, this phenomenon where the screen breaks and the screen shows up with an error (Mittens,2003).
There are some examples of Glitch Effect.


It could be used for advertising and something to create a dreamlike feeling.



2.  The “Ruined Effect”.

With deliberate scraping or tearing of the original work or photograph. It’s a design that destroys existing forms including (Iveta,2017) splashing, scratching, ripping off, breaking (Iveta, 2017).


It is also possible that used for advertising.



3. The “Colour Channel Effect”

This technique allows designers to produce a great deal of illusions. When viewers watch ” colour channels, ” things like holograms, hallucinations, and distorted reality make viewers feel like they are hallucinating (Iveta, 2017).


I think it might be used for creating something when you want to have a hallucinogenic mood.



4. Double Exposure

Double exposure is the design of two pictures or images to be viewed. A  design that combines one picture and one video (Iveta, 2017).





5. Double Light

This effect turns a simple plot into a new and sharp modern one. Double illumination is the effect that can be achieved by dividing the two actual light sources or channels of colour (Iveta, 2017). Here are some examples.




6. Cropped Typography

The technique of erasing characters in the proper position
You have to work with readability. This technique might need the professional spirit and creativity essential(Iveta, 2017).





7. Chaotic Typography

This is a technique for the free-allocation of character and word placement (Iveta, 2017).





8. Negative / Positive Space

According to Graphicmama(2017), they called negative space a positive trend, not because the positive and negative spaces in physics are attracted to each other, but as negative spatial technology in graphic aesthetics creates a lot of positive emotion. In essence, the negative space is the ” blank ” space that forms any unique shape in the design.





9. Illustrations over Photos

This technique is combining pictures and digital pictures. This technique improves the effectiveness of photography and creates a new and uneasy look in the composition (Iveta, 2017).


When ordinary pictures feel too boring, these techniques will catch the eye of viewers and make them fun.



10. Papercut illustrations

Papercut illustrations mean to reproduce a structure consisting of various layers of paper. They are made up of various layers of paper that can express depth and texture (Iveta, 2017).



I have looked into the latest trends in various graphic design and will consider how to apply these techniques to my project.




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